Ganbanyoku / Bedrock bathing / Stone Spa Sauna / Gan Ban Yoku

Ganban-Yoku installation, wholesale and consulting corporation

What' Ganban-Yoku (岩盤浴, Bedrock bathing)?

The bath, not using hot water - It's ganban-yoku (bedrock bathing)!

Ganban-yoku is a method of keeping fit that involves lying down on a heated slab of rock that is embedded in the ganban-yoku room floor. Ganban-yoku is also referred to as "bedrock bathing without hot water". You can get more perspiration than a sauna from ganban-yoku.

The ganban-yoku slabs made by KIHOUSEKI etc. are warmed by the heater installed under the slabs, and emit far-infrared rays and negative ions.

Far-infrared rays penetrate the human body and are absorbed by cells causing a number of reactions such as dilation of blood vessels which improve blood circulation, speed up the metabolism and help eliminate wastes.


The health effects expected by a bedrock bathing

  • improve blood circulation
  • improve natural healing system (atopy improvement etc.)
  • enhance skin by composition of collagen in the body
  • improve immunity
  • improve stiff shoulders
  • weight loss effect
  • anti-aging effect
  • promote metabolism
  • relieve constipation
  • relieve back pains
  • detoxification effect
  • relieve physical and mental stress

perspirationIncredible perspiration

As a business

Easy to start with low initial investmens and quick returns

Ganban-Yoku is a business with low initial investments and quick returns. It can also be collaborated with beauty treatments or massages and so on.

High profits with low running costs

Personnel costs are low because operation costs and maintenance costs ,such as cleaning, are low as well. Thus, gross margins are high.

easy maintenanceLow personnel cost

The fields which can be introduced ganban-yoku

  • hotel, hot spring, spa
  • karaoke
  • skiing area
  • sport gym, golf course, swimming pool
  • mansion, condominium
  • shopping center, department store
  • hospital, sanatarium, cottage
  • senior citizens' home
  • office, factory (as an employee's welfare program)
  • common residence (new life style)
  • esthetic salon, beauty parlor
  • theme park
  • reflexology salon


yogaCollaboration with yoga