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Equipments for ganban-yoku


KIHOSEKI, TENSHOSEKI, BLACK SILICA, etc. are often used as a ore of slabs of bedrock bathing.
The most important point to choose the stone is the wavelength of far-infrared rays.
The water molecules resonate with the light with a wavelength of 6.27 micron. Our body is constituted with about 70% water and others. So, we think this 6.27 micron far-infrared rays is the key factor. KIHOUSEKI emits this 6.27 micron far-infrared rays very strongly.


maiking effective environment

The key of a good bedrock-bath is how to produce an effective environment for human bodies.This environment is made by temperature, humidity and ion balance.

- Temperature

Floor heaters and tube heaters are used for temperature control.
MJP Co., Ltd. can offer the floor heater designed only to Ganban-yoku.
Room temperature is raised with the far-infrared tube heater which can carry out automatic control with a full automatic room temperature control device.

- Humidity